3D CAD Modeling

We utilize SolidWorks® software.

Although more costly and complex than 2D CAD systems, using 3D CAD to create industrial automation designs offers benefits, both to the client and the designer.

Portraying a design as a 3D model provides a significantly more realistic image than a 2D drawing can provide. This is valuable when conveying design ideas to the client for approval because it provides increased quality and quantity of design information. The ability to rotate the model and view it from every angle communicates the design intent much faster and easier than a 2D drawing can.

When assembling model parts onscreen, the designer can identify and correct problems with tolerance, fit, loads and physical conditions before the machine is built.

If you are considering a design or just a modeling project, let us help. Please contact us to discuss whether 3D CAD Modeling is appropriate for your project.

SolidWorks® is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corporation.